Criolla Cooking

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Each cooking class is a group activity where everyone participates, from preparing vegetables, to cutting meat and cooking on the stove and oven. We welcome adults and children over 8 years old. The wine tastings and workshops are exclusive to adults over 18 years old.

Our classes vary in price, ranging from 50 USD to 99 USD. You can find more information on their respective booking pages. 

Each booking includes the ingredients for the recipes, a wine pairing, water and dessert accompanied with a cup of coffee. 

Generally our cooking classes last 3 hours – 3,5 hours depending on the type of class you have booked. The total duration will be stated when you complete your booking.

You can book your class directly on our website, and payment is done via credit card.

You may cancel your cooking class with 24 hours prior notice and get a refund. We are unable to offer a refund with less than 24 hours notice, but we will of course try to reschedule your class. 

We understand there may be dietary restrictions and severe allergies. Our Asado Masterclass, is heavily meat focused, but we are able to accomodate for gluten free/celiac/ lactose free. Our Foundations Cooking Class is not suitable for gluten free/celiac guests, but we can accomodate for vegetarian guests. 

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